The 2nd Bruce Wine Memorial Conference – The Role of Play in All Things Human

ICP&P presents The Second Bruce Wine Memorial Conference The Role of Play in All Things Human

Date – Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time – 8:45am – 5:50pm

Location – The Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC

6.25 CE credits available

Program Description
Play, playfulness, and flexibility are all contributors to vitality and positive relationships. We will explore with Russell Meares and his discussants, these concepts from his esteemed book The Metaphor of Play. Our speakers will illustrate the beneficial experience of play as it extends across a wide range of human endeavors. Frank Lachmann and his discussants will consider the remarkable impact that play and its twin — humor — can have in promoting the “free” in free association and relational moments of closeness in therapy. Play is so integral to imagination and improvisation as to be synonymous with creativity. Using music as an exemplar of the range of human creativity, Gianni Nebbiosi and his fellow musician discussants will describe the role of play in music’s composition and presentation. We identify the mode of treatment for children as “play” therapy. Alexandra Harrison and her discussants will consider the significance of play and the creation of an imaginary virtual reality space and the particular affect state that characterizes playful interchanges in the therapy of children.

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