2017/2018 Programs at the Contemporary Freudian Society — Mark your calendars


2017 Professional Development Programs

Sunday, September 10, 10 am 1 pm

Finding Unconscious Fantasies with Paula Ellman, Nancy Goodman, Rojelio Sosnik, Irene Cairo, Harriet Basseches


Melanie Klein Trust Program

Part I, Friday, September 22, 7 9 pm

Anxiety, Hysteria and Depression:  A Clinical Review

Chairs: Shelley Rockwell & Lindsay Clarkson

Presenter: David Taylor

Part II, Saturday, September 23, 10 am 1 pm

Clinical Workshop with David Taylor


Annual Scientific Meeting

Listening to Unconscious Dialogue: Creating Meaning in the Analytic Dyad

Chair:  Harmon Biddle

Presenters:  Stefano Bolognini and Abbot Bronstein

Saturday, October 14 All-day program

Sunday, October 15 Clinical Workshops with Stefano Bolognini and Abbot Bronstein


Annual Cultural Diversity Seminar

Friday, November 17, 4 – 8 pm

&  Saturday, November 18, 9 am – 4:30 pm

Building Conceptual Bridges Between Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic Therapies and the Black Liberation Movement

Keynote: Anton Hart (featured in Black Psychoanalysts Speak)

2018 Professional Development Series

Creating Thinking Spaces

Saturday, February 10, 11 am 5 pm

Analyst and Patient in the Here and Now: A Comparative Clinical Methods Workshop

Abbot Bronstein


Friday, February 23, 7 9:30 pm

Plumsock Paper Salon

Ray Hoffman and Marie Murphy


Sunday, March 18, 1 4 pm

Annual Ethics Conference

Evil is Not a Mental Illness: On Psychoanalysis, Politics and Ethics

Steven Reisner


Saturday, April 14, 10 am – 1 pm

Initiating Psychoanalysis

Nancy Wolf, Bill Glover and Maxine Anderson

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